Use Tableau’s Show Me for the Win

There are a few different ways to create a viz in Tableau.  One of the fastest and easiest ways is is to first select ( highlight) the Fields you want to include, and then choose the Chart Type you want from  Show Me.  Tableau will create a chart automatically for you.   If it doesn’t look exactly how you want, you can easily tweak it from there.

The best part about Show Me is that it shows all of the ‘canned’ chart types that Tableau makes for you.  (You can make others with a little work).  Each type of chart requires certain data field types, and available charts are highlighted the based on the Fields you selected. Even better, if you hover the cursor over a chart type, it will tell you what data it needs.  So for example, if you know you want to do a scatterplot chart but it is not highlighted as an option, you can see what data types  it needs and add them.

See how easy it is to make a viz with Show Me