Did you hear that Starbucks is requiring all of their baristas to wear COVID-19 masks ? They call them Coughy Filters.


Using Filters

The basics of using the Filter card is super-easy:  If you only want to show some of your data, drop the field that you want to use onto the Filter card and assign how you want to filter.

Simple filters are easy.

Filter Pro Tips

  • You can keep the filter visible by clicking the tiny triangle on the field ‘pill’, and selecting “Show Filters”.
  • You can filter using wildcard matching and patterns. For example, You can filter all states that begin with the letter “O”
  • If you have formula skills, you can write formula filters
  • You can filter on ordered ranking, such as showing the Top 20
  • The Pages Card, is like a filter that steps through the values you want. For example, you could create a slideshow effect showing one year at a time.